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Exposing The Eight Deadly Steps In Every Temptation


In this book, the Holy Spirit captures for the believer the eight sequential steps that take place in the one weapon of the enemy called “temptation”.  This powerful resource breaks down into minute details each step in a temptation and how the enemy operates and how the individual is being confronted during each phase.  As the veil is removed and Satan is exposed, the believer rejoices in victory!  This book is aimed to deliver and set free every believer, from the babe in Christ to the road scholar.  No one is exempt!!  Every day we battle in our area of weakness, seeking help and finding none.  But now, we can truly say that there is a tool from God made available to us that will help us.  It will help us in our struggles, help us with our bad habits, help us in areas of sin, help us with the many challenges that we face and help us overcome them, one by one!

This book also reveals to us how Satan programs the unbeliever who sin has dominion over.  This revelation in itself makes this book a priority for every believer to read and apply to their daily lives.