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How 2 Change A “NO” into a “Yes”


This book is the answer to everyone’s prayers! Regardless of one’s plight, station in life, environment, background, education, financial status, portfolio, social class, last name, political affiliation, religious denomination, race, color, creed, nationality or culture, this book when applied with the intent for which it is written, will change hearts and lives in our favor and for our good one person at a time! No one can say “no” to someone operating in these principles as outlined in this book. It works with bankers, creditors, lending institutions, judges, lawyers, doctors, heating and air conditioning companies, employers, employees, family, friends, enemies, government official and it definitely works in presidential elections, ask President Obama! With the turn of each page the reader or the hearer’s conviction and conversion factor will increase and multiply causing them to desire and then exercise godly principles then experience godly prosperity. With each and every exercise of godly faith, the individual will learn how and why they can experience godly favor or a “no” changed into a “yes!”


Are you ready for change? Are you tired of being the underdog and now ready to become the conqueror? Then you must read, “How 2 Change a ‘NO’ 2 into a ‘YES!’